Monday, March 1, 2010

Here is Blakely (support) having a chat with Renu (one of our regular translators and help, with the blue hair) having a relaxing moment near the end of the day. This was another great day with lots of stories of how our Lord is working...involving so many lives. God is truly great and marvelous.
Tomorrow….a day of distribution at RICD….pediatrics cases only…a 1st.

This little lady is Daenj (pronounced Dang). She was born normal then developed hydrocephalic condition. The doctors gave her parents a 50/50 chance of survival to operate and stop the swelling. Her parents chose to not operate. When she became of school age, all she wanted to do was go to school. Her parents wanted her to go to school but her grandmother didn’t, fearing she would tip over and tumble with her big head. So Grandma attended school with her for 4 month until she was satisfied that Daenj could do well. Daenj speaks Thai, English and French…prefers speaking and reading French. She worked as a literature translator and now lives at the McKean Center.

This guy has cerebral palsy. He was fitted last year with a chair that I helped prepare with neck, trunk and leg support. Through hard work, therapy, and great persistence he now only needs a standard chair. He still just as happy and fun as we found him last year.

These are Hansen’s disease (as leprosy is now appropriately called) patients. The man in blue didn’t mind talking to Annie about it and showed his hands and how he uses them in daily life. The man in gold with no legs did not like to talk about it. This wasn’t his 1st wheelchair but his 1st fitted wheelchair.

Awmae read Joni’s book while waiting for her chair; Thai bible and other goodies at her side.

This is 19 year old Awmae. She was shot and paralyzed waist down. She lived with her father in a small village for 3 years afterwards, never leaving the house. She was sponsored about 6 weeks ago and sent here to the McKean Center for help. She has found new friends and blossomed here at the center. She’s learning how to become self sufficient, and her 1st wheelchair will help greatly. In the end picture with Awmae is Theresa Morita (therapist), Annie Garner (support), Vincent (Pioneer, perennial help), Greg Bierre (Mechanic).
Monday 29th
A distribution at the McKean Center. It used to be a leper colony run by Presbyterians. Some still live there but it is now a disability center supported still by U.S Presbies. Unlike the southern (previous) distributions, most if not all recipients were Christian.